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LICJ 1.2 P3Dv3 issues

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Hi everybody,

I purchased the LICJ scenario via simMarket but i'm experiencing some issues:

1) Buildings' elevation completely wrong (buildings are partially under ground);

2) weird light effects (i.e., airplane completely dark even when under a headlight).

I tried to reinstall the whole scenery and I found that, at the second and subsequent attempts, the installer didn't install all the objects' bgl files, so i had only runways and taxiways. Luckily I made a backup of the scenery and texture folders before attempt the second installation and I managed to restore all the scenery objects, but the elevation and lighting issues still remain.

Reading the manual at p. 5, I noticed a procedure for the manual installation into the previous versions of P3D. According to this procedure, it is required to copy the following files as specified:

- JSD_LICJ.dds and JSD_LICJlm.dds in the main texture folder
- LICJ_ADEX_JDS_ALT.BGL in Scenery\World\Scenery
- JDS_LFMP_Halo_cntrl.fx and JDS_LFMP_Halo.fx in Effects folder
- JDS_LFMP_halo.dds in Effects\Texture

Even if I installed the scenario in P3Dv3.2, I looked for the above files in the indicated folders but I couldn't find anyone of them!

Most likely the installer didn't copy them, so I can't enjoy this wondereful scenario. Is there any way to manually extract these files from the installer (or any other solution)?

Looking forward to read your suggestions,

Best regards,




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Hello Vince,

Could you please send me your order number by private message? I will then provide you with the needed files to fix this elevation issue ;)

About the aircraft being black when under a light, this is perfectly normal. FSX/P3D do not have "true lights" like X-plane does. So this is not a bug with our scenery, it is just how the sim deals with lights. You would find this at any other airport into FSX/P3D.

Best regards,


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