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Dear all,

in p3d v3.3 there are no lights on runways (night). is it a problem of p3d 3.3 ? or any other issue ? does anybody has a solution or same issue ?

many thanks !


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I have the same issue. There was a BGL posted in this thread by Taxi2Gate: http://forum.iflysimx.com/topic/1045-ltba-no-runway-lights-p3dv24/

But the file is gone, better there is no link any more.

The change log for version 1.1 also doesn't contain a word on runway lights in P3D v3.x

Taxi2Gate, could you please clarify and either again provide the fix to download or an update of the scenery with the fix included.

Edit: disregard. I found the BGL file on the T2G website. Having three different places to look at (simmarket, this forum and the T2G website) isn't making things easier.. :D.  Here is the link to the fix page: http://taxi2gate.org/?page_id=84

Edit #2: It's still unclear whether the download on simmarket is actually version 1.1 or if we need to install the update from your website to 1.1? The simmarket version reads version 


Taxi2Gate, please clarify.



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