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Can we have some Consistancy with tidyness please?

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Another little annoyance i have is the lack in consistency with keeping registry in a tidy order!

At the moment I have this in my Windows Programs & Features list:


Rename suggestion: Taxi2Gate Seattle Tacoma


Rename suggestion: Taxi2Gate Munich

T2G TFFR - Pointe A Pitre v1.1

Rename suggestion: Taxi2Gate Pointe A Pitre


Rename suggestion: Taxi2Gate Hong Kong


They are all over the place rather than neatly together as Aerosoft, UK2000, FSDT, Flightbeam always manage to do nicely!

Again within the sim you've setup installations to go into a 'Simmarket' folder rather than your own Taxi2Gate folder like Flytampa, UK2000, Flightbeam etc manage to do.


It would just be nice to see you guys really take alittle more time and care into your housekeeping, keeping these things together and neat makes things so much easier for the end user to keep a tab on.




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Not sure if this topic was taken onboard by any means, I've asked/started a topic about an option for Lite-textures on their sceneries and had a downvote for some odd reason. Eventually got a reply from taxi2gate that if the textures are put down there will be blurries, which is odd because I've managed to use the texture downscale tool called Ordenador (there's a topic about this on avsim) and turns out a lot of the textures are 2048! This was KMCO, managed to get most of the textures down to 1024 without much of a downside in quality. Still looks pretty damn good, even better with performance and now have roughly 1.5gb of vas remaining for an enjoyable flight. 


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Bumping this please T2G Team...


Can you please rename your most recent products (in the near future) so that they all install with matching names as suggested in the opening message to a Taxi2Gate folder...Im not sure why a SimMarket Folder gets created as they are only the vendor?!

I am aware you plan to update Turkey, Mexico, Hong Kong and Orlando but maybe consider tightening up on product neatness?

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