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What happened to Taxi2Gate?

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It's so sad. A good scenery is nothing without support. It is of course nice when a developer continues to deliver destinations for the community. But when the developer does not listen to the community and does not help them/fix the problems/implement new things the community gets upset. I get more and more the feeling that there are quite strange people behind Taxi2Gate. Almost no support, prices on new sceneries increase extremly and then you have to PAY for an upgrage to P3D (see Guadeloupe), NO other company did this. And then there was this bullshit with the spam adware about this health care service around their facebook page. Althouh I would love to have a proper LFPG, I am not sure if I still want to support this company and keep on giving them more money.

Taxi2Gate had a really good image at first when they started to improve with sceneries like St. Lucia and St. Vincent but since then I have more and more the feeling that it is only about making more money. The work is done faster, many mistakes are done, the released sceneries are full of bugs and problems and in the end there is no support for the people that give you the money. Sorry but that is the truth.

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I couldn't agree more as well. Just to echo the original poster. I have been on the fence for sometime since Taxi2gate released VHHH -Chep Lap Kok, Hong Kong scenery, that goes along with their KSEA Seattle Tacoma as well. Only thing that really hold me back is reading the amount of bugs quite a few simmers in the community have encountered. 
The only Taxi2gate scenery I own is KMCO, Orlando. It is really well done, I can't fault them at that for their efforts. But it just leaves such a bitter taste in your mouth when you find out that it doesn't work as you would expect it to. I.E flying out of the scenery is fine, but flying back into it or flying around then when the scenery loads you get the dreaded CTC FATAL ERROR, then the sim shuts down. Patched it with their only patch, which didn't solve it. Turns out I ended up installing a free version of Fsuipc which sorts out the d3d issue and now the scenery works fine. 
The roll out scenery after scenery, but there's quite a lot, and a heck of a lot that is missing in terms of how it's not working perfectly out of the box, all these minor issues which stack up, the installers are F ing (excuse my french) messy where you have to go into the Simmarket folder. As a saying goes by "keep your house tidy first, before inviting others", well something along those lines, case in point. It's also like buying a car or eating out in a restaurant, you expect what you've ordered/bought; yet comes with everything you picked, except without the full ingredients or the car didn't come with the intergrated satnav that was advertised. 
I really hope we aren't the only ones who are having these issues. 
I also hope taxi2gate get the A game up big time, otherwise they might not end up getting any support in the long-term. 

Sorry about my extended rant, I hope you can understand from the perspective I am coming from. 


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I agree, I bought the KSEA and the KMCO for P3D, well I was thinking they were both for P3D but KMCO isnt working for P3D and am really disapointed in their customer service...Not buying another product from them!

Sorry to hear about that arborne. I can't remember the link, but if you do a search on Avsim, there's a post of a few simmers who have managed to get KMCO working on P3d. 
Here's the link, but apparently its on V2,4 so it was before V3. I am not a P3d user I'm afraid. But if I did mange to get it working, I would've made a post about it on here. Hope you get it sorted. Also try making a post on their facebook page, that might also get their attention. 


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To be fair, they do work actually quite well, but ONLY for the simulators which they are designed for.  Go install some of them into P3D v2 or v3 and you are in for a bit of a rude awakening.

Some of them are simply just old.  The cuba sceneries can be made to work if you know something about converting models, but it is a pain. Same with a couple of the other ones.

There are others which works beautifully but I am not getting the textures for the autogen buildings to install, so I have 3 or 4 airports that look great, but they are surrounded by black boxes with roofs. 

All of this can be fixed and should be fixed.  I do see that they have released a couple installers for P3D and so I do give them credit for that.  No reason why they cannot do this for the remaining products. 

Let's get all this old history behind us and go all into 2017 in a good position together.


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I had OTHH, LTBA and VHHH installed in P3Dv3. Worked but with many problems.

I have had to reload P3Dv3.4 in the last few days and when I came to re-install the T2G aerodromes, I gave up because of the lack of a strong will to succeed somehow.

I'm afraid that I shall never buy any future T2G products again until their reputation is restored.:(

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Honestly I hope that they will stay in europa - especially germany. One have to admit, Munich from T2G is one of the (alltime)bestseller at simmarket. I am sure, a Frankfurt, Dusseldorf or Hamburg would also be a great thing from T2G! Think about it.

I for myself can say, T2G Munich is the best scenery for germany so far. 

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