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New Runway Numbers 35/17

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sorry for the very late answer...the add on is not abandonned, at least for FSX.

There won't be any development for the fs9 version in the future, regarding the inclusion of some new taxiways when it was released several years ago and the decreasing market for fs9.

But I wish to develop a new version for FSX(and maybe P3D), including the new taxiways with the right numbering, and the new extension of terminal 1.

I could have made only the new taxiways currently in service, but it requires to start the groundwork from scratch and I would have then to do it again, once the new terminal opened. So I prefer to wait until the opening of the terminal before launching the project.

And furthermore, this all stuff requires a new ground imagery, that is not yet available, as the new building is not build.    

Some of the old buildings may also be reworked. 

Because it means several months of works, probably one year, it cannot be considered as a single update and the scenery will be released as a new one. 

Be sure that I will discuss with Simmarket, to provide a good offer for LFLL old customers, so that the price for them doesn't exceed 10 eur.

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Good news you're bringing us!

I will accept a 10€ update integrating all the changes has been done on the airfield for 3 years (high speed exits, new holding point, Mike Apron, Terminal 1, evolution of Kilo Apron...)

Thanks for the answer and waiting with excitation news from you.



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