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Faisal Aldur

T2G Hammad Black Building

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After I downloaded  the LTBA Ataturk from the simmarket, I got a problem that the buildings are black, T2G second officer has sent me 2 Textures to add to my Texture folder in my P3D and everything is working fine now for LTBA! THANKS VERY MUCH FOR THIS <3 


BUT!! I got Hammad T2G and I have the same issue now for Doha City Building, it's all black! all these problems I have after I updated to P3D V3.4. 


Any Suggestion again :) 

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OK hold up, men.  Did I understand correctly that this solves your insidious 'black autogen building' issue? 

If so, then I must ask -- will these files work at all airports, or just the two mentioned here?

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