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LIML - any chance for SODE Jetways in a later update?

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Hi JetStream Designs,


first and foremost, LIML is a masterpiece of scenery design, hands down one of the Top 5 sceneries ever created for P3D in my opinion. The modelling and texturing is just out of this world! Very very well done chaps!

There's just one thing that really spoils the whole excitement when flying out of LIML: Default Jetways....

Cant provide a screenshot now as i'm at work currently, but the default jetways are terribly aligned when using the PMDG 737. On Gate 3 i couldnt even get it to connect, it just moves a few inch and then stops. I do know that default Jetways are very limited in P3D/FSX, thats why i'm wondering if you plan to implement optional SODE jetways with a later update?

It would be the cherry on top of this delicious cake :)





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Hello Lars,

First of all, a thousand thanks for the very nice comments about our Linate scenery :)
Jetways always are an important subject indeed. Many people do not share the same opinion on which option they like better; SODE or Stock P3D animation. Here at JetStream we prefer the stock animation because we are sure they'll always be compatible with latest P3D updates, and also because in our opinion they are a bit easier to operate for the user than SODE ones, even though they are indeed "broken" in certain areas. That being said, we have not given up on SODE. This tool is very interesting in many aspects. Jetways movements are more natural too. I can't promise we will release a SODE version of jetways for LIML in the next few weeks. But we take your request into account, and we will see in the future if we can achieve something with SODE (and then LIML would be updated with SODE jetways) :)

About your Gate 3 issue with the NGX, please try to stop your aircraft a little earlier than the B737 ground marking. Jetway should connect.

Thanks again for your message!

Best regards,


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Hi Thomas

Thanks for your swift response, credit where credit is due!

I'm glad to hear that SODE is at least considered as a possible future update. Its only 4 or 5 Gates anyways, so shouldnt be too much work, haha ;) 

BTW; Jeffrey aka 12bpilot, the developer of SODE seem to be quite keen to help devs implementing SODE in their scenerys. Not that i have any doubt in your abilities but it might be helpful anyways ;)

Ok, i'll try to slightly shift my 737 parking position and see if that makes the Gate 3 Jetway connect properly

Thanks again


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Hi Thomas, 

Here at JetStream we prefer the stock animation because we are sure they'll always be compatible with latest P3D up

Then may I suggest you to upgrade/offer LFML X jetways with standard animations too ? Since I moved to P3D and thus have no AES support anymore, jetways are static on this airport, even when using the last P3D patch available on Simmarket. 


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