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No ILS on RWY36 at LIML

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Hello Team,

first of all also from my side well done scenery ! Reall nice!

Just a little problem I have in P3DV3 that the MS ATC by default advice you only a visual approach on RWY 36. I checked in the GPS and in the AFCAD there is the ILS but never get it from the ATC. I tried several aircrafts and settings and double checked if there is no other AFCAD but without success.

Any idea?



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I am also experiencing the same issues in FSX with default ATC. Everytime I am assigned an ILS approach circle to land RWY 36. I can change it to visual and follow ILS manually, but I also notice that AI does not land and their IFR flightplans are cancelled all the time. Any help is appreciated.

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The fact that IFR FP for AI are cancelled is very strange, I did not experience this.
Our friend Frank updated the AFCAD to make it even better, maybe using it would solve any issue you are experiencing (and many thanks again to Frank for sharing his work!): http://forum.iflysimx.com/topic/1466-liml-accurate-afd-file/
Please let us know if you see any improvement :)

Best regards,


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Hi everyone,

Please look at my latest post on the "News & Previews" section of the forum. I just issued an update to my first AFD file which should fix this all.

In the original file, ATC could not see any ILS or VOR approach, as these were bound to the default RWY 18L/36R, NOT to the current RWY 18/36. In calm winds, AI aircrafts might even fly a missed approach.

This works fine on my system and I get the expected straight-in approach to RWY36



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