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LIML - Accurate AFD file

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Dear JetStream Designs team,

Congratulations and thanks for this fantastic rendition of Milano Linate airport. With this achievement, and after your excellent Marseille and Palermo airports, you are close to excellence. IMO you now are in the top 3 scenery developers to date, sharing the podium with FlyTampa and UK2000. Keep up the pace guys!

Your AFD (afcad) file, however, is not to the standards of this masterpiece. I therefore adjusted your original file and, for those interested in getting accurate parking positions and ground movement, attached in my (very) modest contribution.

This AFD file has been developed with the excellent ADEX package and according to the latest September 2015 AIP for Milano Linate airport.

AI traffic ground movement is carefully aligned with taxiway markings and parking name, type and radius are adjusted to reflect actual data.

The so-called "plumbing system" is used to make the movement of traffic and taxiway use compare with real life as closely as FSX allows. The main drawback is that the arriving aircraft may ghost through departing aircrafts.

The published special rules for taxiway use and ground movement are summerized below:

- Stands 6 to 22 between TXY C and E/F are self manoeuvring (drive-thru) positions. Ditto for stands 61, 63 and 69.
- TWY A is usable northward only, by aircrafts up to code C (max wingspan 36 m).
- TXY D betweeen TWY C and F is usable southward only.
- Arriving aircrafts vacate RWY 36 via TWY G only.

Southbound departing aircrafts enter the runway via TWY G, backtrack RWY 18 up to the runway threshold and execute a 180 deg turn for take take-off.

Due to FSX limitations, TWY K cannot be used to vacate RWY 36 to the West apron. Instead this is achieved via TWY G, A and N.

I have "re-activated" the missing stands 69 and 73, which in real life and in winter times are kept available for de-icing operations.

The Linate NDB name is changed to the correct one, i.e. LNE (not LIN).

INSTALLATION: Copy and paste the attached AFD file into your JetSream - Milano Linate FSX/data/scenery folder. WARNING: backup the original LIML_ADEX_JSD.bgl file (e.g. change the .bgl extension to .ori or .off).

Have safe landings.



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Hi Er!k,

Please look at the attachment... Here you are.

The issue was that the approaches in the original file were bound to RWYs 18L and 36R (and NOT to 18/36), as in the FSX default AFD.

With this update, and in addition to the features listed in my previous post, you get:

- ATIS frequency

- ILS36 approach

- VOR/DME 18 approach
Also, navaids show their actual ID, namely: ILNT, LNE and LIN for the ILS36, NDB and VOR/DME, respectively.


You should be vectored for a straight-in approach now.

Have fun,





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Well, I'm using ADEX for the editing and the AIP from Eurocontrol for the data.

ATIS: added ATIS through the ADEX Comms menu (List/Comms)

Approaches: with ADEX in Approach Mode, deleted former approaches for rwy 36R and 18L and created new ones (waypoints, etc) for rwy 18 and 36.

As simple as this.



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