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No Jetways in LFPG

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Hi Guys,

Just got this great scenery but I am unable to see any Jetways.. I've tried to reinstall SODE and it's all registered but nothing is making the Jetways work.. Would it be possible for some help on this issue?

Many thanks,

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did you try to uninstall/reinstall the scenery? works fine for me, check that your antivirus is off for the installation and that you are logged in to an administrator account with write access to ProgramData.

Also check your SODE folder in ProgramData, likely to be C:\users\*youryouser*\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE for a) existance and b) under SimObjects for a folder named "Taxi2Gate_LFPG" as well as in the xml folder for the "Taxi2Gate_LFPG_Stands.xml"

Do you have other airports that use SODE? Check those if they also don't show the objects that are SODE enabled.

Maybe try to register/unregister SODE from all of your installed Sim's.

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