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There must be a conflict with another external file (this can be FSGlobal mesh or else).
First, make sure that LICJ scenery is above any mesh or vector addons on the scenery library (to make sure, move LICJ at the top of the scenery library).
If you still get the mesh issue, could you please try the enclosed .bgl file (to install into Prepar3D v4\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\JetStream Designs Palermo LICJ P3Dv4\Scenery ).

Best regards,


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I have the same problem in Prepar3Dv5 but only when arriving from another aiport. If I start from LICJ all works fine. I do not have VECTOR only ORBX Base, ORBX Europe LC and FSGlobal Ultimate 2020 that ar below LICJ. The file LICJ_ADEX_JSD_ALT.BGL is in correct directory.

Thank you



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Hi @JetStream Designs after some time i had the opportunity to fly on the sim to LICJ on P3DV5 HF1 (last version). I've installed the scenery with the dedicated P3DV5 installer which is on simmarket.

Once landed i have the weird elevation issues which have been described in this post.

I've ORBX Global, Vector and Landclass EU. No other LICJ Sceneries.

I've noted that the issue is displayed everytime i select LICJ as arrival airport, while when departing is displayed correct. 

The elevation bgl scenery/world/scenery file installed by the installed is correctly in the folder. 

The only way i had for solving the issue (Considering that ORBX vector in p3dv5 doesn't have the elevation correction anymore) was to put in the scenery folder the "cvx_Excl_AP_boundaries_LICJ.BGL" which has been distributed for P3DV4 in this post: LICJ - Prepar3D v4.4 Ground problem - Falcone Borsellino - LICJ - P3D/FSX - iFlysimX Forums

The scenery seems ok. Could you please confirm that the bgl does not impact the scenery visual quality (i didn't dedect any anomaly at the first look).

Thanks for your reply in advance :)


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