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Made some progress on the 737

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Approaching KSTL



Costs a bit :)

No reason to use PMDG with hardware cockpits. Use ProSim, Sim Avionics or Project Magenta and make the interfacing a heck of a lot easy than trying to use software designed as a software package with limited hardware functionality.

Finally nice to be flying again :)

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Really amazing!! Is that GoFlight that you use for the autopilot??

MIP / CDU bay / CDU and Glareshield are all Flightdeck Solutions

The shell is their old wood one I bought from someone upgrading to their new metal one

Seat and interior liners are from a 737-300

Motorized throttle from Revolution-Simproducts (Now called Revolution Jetstream for their consumer level)

MCP and Dual EFIS are CPFlight EL series

Yoke is an Ace yoke

Visuals are three Panasonic 60" Plasma's on homemade mounts

Some pedestal radios (not shown) are Flightdeck Solutions

Forward Overhead (in work now) is Flightdeck Solution IBL panels, haven't decided on the 6 gauges yet

Systems and Avionics software is ProSim737

Simulator Software is Prepar3d, but working to get Xplane 10 running next.

To GO:

FO Yoke


Real Rudders

Aft Overhead

Finish Pedestal

Jrails for seats

Also changing the MIP to the 2.0 series which adds the latest 737 config, two more Annunciators below the AFDS, new dual state, dual color AFDS.

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Do you have one pc with one big view or 3 seperate views in fsx?

Do you use matrox th2go or nvidia surround or what ?

I have 7x27" withe Wideview and 3 pc's......but like your solution way more.....

What is price of tv's? with type and what resolution ?



Three views on one PC now. I5-3570k, GTX680 using surround

TVs are Panasonic P60U50 plasma's. 2012 model now out of stock most places. $810 each delivered, though Frys had them as low as $699 at times. They are 1080p.

Have two more PCs half built in anticipation of moving to XP10 as soon as ProSim737 works correctly with it.

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Lovely work sir!


I used to have a FlyEngravity 737 'pit back in 2007 ...... not quite at the same level as yours, but it was getting there.


I take it you're active over on MyCockpit.org ?


Keep us posted with this cool project!

Thanks! Mostly active on cockpitbuilders.com.

Friend of mine is running five 60" LEDs over there...simply amazing

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I'm jealous man. Fantastic work! Where you placed the cockpit in the house? :)

Well I lost my space in the basement when we built the home theater and bar, so I'm now out in the 3rd bay of the garage. Works well and none of the six kids bother me when I'm out there :)

Now I only wished I ran a beer tapper line from the bar keg to the garage :)

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