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anyone who can advice on this strange issue. reinstalled pc twice, all default settings. 

default building are being mixed with t2g ones. jetways, as on picture.

thanks in advance



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unistalled orbx germany and problem goes away. this is apparently not related to t2g munich only as very simmilar behavior noticed for frankfurt. it looks i need to go to another forum :)

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T2G EDDM is not fully compatible with ORBX Germany South. As for all other add-on airports you have installed in that region you should be renaming the .bgl's to .off.

In case of EDDM  you go into your Sim>ORBX>FTX_EU>FTX_EU_GES_05_SCENERY/scenery and rename following files to ".off"



FTX_GES_EDDM_objects.bgl > FTX_GES_EDDM_objects.off

Repeat this for every add-on airport in your ORBX regions. If you want the taxiway bridges to work until T2G may fix them go into your scenery library and set the EDDM entry above EDDM_LC_ELV.

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