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LIML dynamic lights

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Hello ,

I just bought Linate for p3d v4. Excellent airport ! But I noted that, during night, the (dynamic) lights are very very strong, too bright.
I have this problem only with this airport. What  can be the cause ? (I already have tried to delete my shader folder).

Thank you 



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Hi Giobbe,

At first I would have thought about your shaders indeed. But since you regenerated them already, we should be looking somewhere else. Are you using PTA or EnvShade?  Does this issue appear each time you are using your P3D?

I will think about this as I currently have no idea what's happening there, this is the first time a user is reporting such issue with our dynamic lights, so I guess an external parameter might be the culprit there. I'll try to replicate the same issue on my config, to see if a solution can be found.

Best regards,


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Hi thomas, i actually use envshade but i tried also without it and the problem is still there. My bloom setting is 0.2. 

I know that apparently i am the only one who have this problem. I am starting to think that maybe I must try to reinstall the sim from zero...:mellow:

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