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LFRS - No taxiway and runway shown in FS Commander

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I installed LFRS for P3D V4 with success and I have a problem with FS Commander, where I can't see the taxiway and runway on it.

I've correctly updated the database as I always do when installing a new airport but nothing shows on it. It's pretty hard to go to the runway due to this. Can you please tell me if I'm doing something wrong or if something is wrong on your side ? I have never had this problem with tens of other airports installed in the past.









screenshot lfrs.PNG

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Hello Christian,

I have never used Fs Commander and am not very aware of the capabilities of this tool. It looks like it "reads" the AFCAD files to show the airport in a "chart-like" layout, right?
I just browsed the FS Commander website, and they state that their product is not P3D V4.1 compatible. As the LFRS AFCAD was compiled using the P3D V4.1 SDK, maybe it can't read it properly. That would be my first guess. Are you using P3D V4.0 or V4.1?

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I hadn't checked FSC because I couldn't imagine it wasn't compatible with v4.1


Having looked at their website, it looks like indeed there is a problem with the update to 4.1 which makes it not compatible, and a problem to "update the database" with new airports installed.


I'll have to wait for them to solve the issue and let you know if still concerned when they update, which is unfortunately not scheduled soon.

If you have any suggestion for software to access on a network computer to the map and airport runways, I'm interested :)



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