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Dear Jetstream,

I have just purchased LFRS and LIML and very much like your scenery. After installing LFRS, I have noticed the black strip at the start of 21 that is mixed in with your texturing. Is this how it is, or is the default runway bleeding through? It looks a little weird.2017-12-31_16-26-19-729.thumb.jpg.eb1d896d39c25907698cf5dbc198838c.jpg

I also have the black textured housing around the airport as reported in an earlier post. I do install my scenery out of the main P3D folder so could you let me know what to do to correct this please?


Thank you


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Hello Nigel,

As weird as it might look, the real runway at LFRS looks exactly like that ;) (please see enclosed screenshot taken from Google Earth - the grey area is actually more black in real life). The real one is quite in a poor state, is patched everywhere and quite bumpy when you take-off or land.

About the black houses, some files indeed need to be installed into the main P3D folder:

- JSD_LFRS1.dds and JSD_LFRS1lm.dds into your main P3D Texture folder

- If using P3D V4, files JSD_LFRS_dynamiclight_yellow.fx / JSD_LFRS_dynamiclight_yellow_cntrl.fx / JSD_LFRS_dynamiclight_yellow_spot.fx / JSD_LFRS_dynamiclight_yellow_spot_cntrl.fx must be placed into your effects folder.

Hope this helps!



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