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KLIT runways not lit up on foggy days

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To better learn ILS, I set up a flight from North Little Rock airport to KLIT, with visibility of 1/16 of a mile.  I set the time to early morning (dawn).  Apparently the KLIT runways were not lit up, and I could not see them the runway (that I was supposed to land on), until I touched down.  

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Hi Bryan,

1/16 of a mile visibility is extremely low. Please check the image below showing a 1/16 of mile visibility. The runway is lit, but you can see just a few meters ahead (and that is when you are on the ground. Once you are 70 feet above the runway, you can't see anything anymore.). KLIT is one of our very first sceneries, at that time we used the default runway lights which will switch ON automatically when using a foggy weather :)

Best regards,


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