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[P3D V4.2] FPS drops with DL on at LIML.

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As post suggests, I have been noticing very annoying fps drops at LIML, specifically in the terminal area. At gate 1, without even panning the fps while fairly stable, drops down to 17 (from 30, obtained through v-sync @30Hz, unlimited). I noticed the issue goes away at a certain point when taxing away from the terminal area, going towards 36. That would have stopped my issues, however when turning back and facing north (with the terminal on the right), the fps drops again. While I love this airfield and the way it's modeled, I get the worst dynamic light performance out of all my add-ons. Hardware should not be the issue (gtx 1080 hybrid, i7700k @4.9Ghz) nor my settings (I have almost all shadows off and at low quality for night flying). I saw there was a post going back to 2017, who had a similar setup to mine and was having similar issues. Can anyone provide any insight?



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Hi Alessandro,

It looks like all users do not get the same performance with Dynamic lights. The system we used to develop Linate was  older than yours ( I7 4970K and GTX 1070), and we had excellent FPS with dynamic lights enabled. 
However, we have noticed a "bug" that happens on some airports with DL: when you start your flight near a DL area, the area in front of your aircraft becomes very bright and FPS drop dramatically. If you pan your view in external view around your aircraft for about ten seconds, that bug disappears, and FPS go back to normal. Is this what is happening to you?

Best regards,


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