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KMCO in P3D v4

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I've been running T2G KMCO in P3D v4.3 for some time now with no apparent problems, although up until my last flight all flights had been during the daytime.  My most recent flight was a night arrival upon which I found a couple of problems - specifically; black squares around the taxi lights and trees, appearing to indicate some issue with an alpha map.  Note that during the daytime everything appears correctly.


I've found the boxes go away if the following files are removed:

Taxi light squares:  KMCO-WINDOWS_lm.dds

Tree boxes:  KMCO-ARBOLES_LM.dds

It seems I can remove KMCO-WINDOWS_lm.dds with no ill effect (that I've found thus far) aside from not being able to see taxi lights from the air (the taxi light objects still appear, so ground movements are relatively unaffected).  Removing KMCO-ARBOLES_LM.dds on the other hand removes the trees during both night and day.  Granted, the trees aren't very visible at night anyway, so leaving them in doesn't completely kill immersion.

Is there a fix for this or some setting that I may be running which may be causing this?

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this is a very late reply but the black squares are a very easy fix with photoshop
just open them, delete the alpha, duplicate the blue channel, rename to alpha and save as dxt5 no mip

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