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LFRS no SODE-jetways

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just bought LFRS Nantes via simmarket. After installation I found out that the SODE-jetways dont work. I get a message as if there were no Sodejetways at all. In the folder SODE\xml there are 3 files concerning LFRS, called JSD_LFRS... I tried a reinstallation but no success. What can I do here?


mfg Kai





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Hi Kai,

I'm sorry for the late answer to your message.

Which simulator version are you using? And also, are you using the latest SODE version?
What we can try first is to install the jetways update available here: https://www.jetstream-designs.com/app/download/5818692590/JSD_LFRS_jetways.zip 

Please replace the older JSD_LFRS_Jetways.xml with the bew one.

Please let me know if there is any improvement.

Best regards,

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