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[LIML P3D 4.4] Ground textures problems with 4.4.

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Hi guys,

i see this problems on LIML on p3d 4.4 (only client update from 4.3).

At some angle view the ground textures on GA area missed. See the pics. Test various settings in sim, but the problem remain. Also tried to move the LIML scenery in other position on scenery library but don't resolve. Any idea to fix it?2018-12-8_11-59-38-39.thumb.jpg.8c9f3b3fa418170edcb669482c2afc59.jpg


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Thanks for the response. I am using P3D V4.5. The scenery break through only happens as an intermittent flash and only in two or three certain places. For example in the picture attached, what you see will flash between this view and normal. If I move the view to the right, LIML scenery returns as normal.





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At the moment I have no idea what could be the issue there. I have ORBX FTX Global and vector installed and experience no disappearing ground. I have to investigate more and try to reproduce the same issue on my PC.

Best regards,


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