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I'm currently not a customer of yours (most likely in the future - I hope).
I've seen a few things in this forum : you seem to be working on EGKK and on an update/new scenery for LFLL.

Although, even if the EGKK project seems to be on its way according to the screenshots you posted, can you confirm a LFLL version is still planned for P3DV4 ? Is the development going well, is there an approximate date of release ?
I know these questions are tough to answer from a developer perspective but just want to take some news :D

Thanks for your time!

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Hi, Kim07.

Yes, I confirm that the LFLL new version will be for P3Dv4 also. The taxiways update alone will be free and will concern FSX Customers while the new version(I mean with the new terminal) will be on sale for FSX and P3D.

No release date yet. EGKK date is even not known...Hopefully in Januar or Februrar for this one. We'll continue then work on LFLL update first. The new version will follow after. 

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