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LFPO runways

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I just purchased and installed LFPO for P3D. The airports looks really great. Congratulations. 

But I have a problem with the runway allocation for take-off and landing. 

In real world, depending on the winds either :

- RW 08 is for takeoff only and RW 06 is for landing only

- or RW 24 is takeoff only and RW 26 if for landing only 

with the present airport bel file, this is not respected. 

Could you please try to improve this ?

Thank you,


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Hi Michel,

The P3D/FS engine is limited in runway configurations… Orly has 2 runways; 06/24 and 08/26. Normally only 1 runways is open for take-off and landing. With a 'trick' you can fool P3D and make the runways parallel. This means that both 06 and 08 can be open at te same time. However, P3D only allows you to close or open an entire runway for landing or take-off. So with parallel runways you can say 08/26 is open for take-off and 06/24 for landing (or vice versa). The combination you desribe above is unfortunately not possible with 1 file. Other developers choose to provide multiple AFD files based on the winds. 

Hope it is a bit clear,


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