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The scene is incredibly beautiful but I have some small problems on the scene: 1st photo we see a long fence that appears according to the views of Ezdok Camera 2nd photo: View of the interior of the West terminal, it lacks a texture probably a metallic texture 3rd photo at night, the textures of the buildings reflect a lot I do not know if it is TomataoShade that it does that. 4th we see luminous halo orange the night near you terminal west a little as in the scene of Nantes Atlantique .





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Hello Manuel,

The Fence thing is very strange. We have of course not placed any fence like this. Does this happen with Ezdok cameras only?

We'll add that missing polygon inside the terminal.

The very shinny textures is also something we did not get during testing. I have read that the Tomatoshade might not be P3D v4.4 compatible. Is it still the case? Maybe this is a shaders issue?

Best regards,


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