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Dynamic lighting disappearing under certain angle?

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Hi Thomas,

I noticed that under a certain angle the dynamic lights are disappearing. I have attached some examples. Nearby I have Taxi2Gate LPFG activated and I believe it is in the direction of LFPG. Could it be the result of to many dynamic lights? I already have increaed the max. amount of dynamic lights in my sim.






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I tried to increase the amount of lights shown in the Prepar3D config file as can be seen here: https://www.prepar3d.com/SDKv4/prepar3d/options/graphics/lighting.html


After this I do not have the issue anymore and FPS is also still acceptable. Still have to experiment with possible side effects, but not an issue with the scenery it seems.



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Hi Erik,

This is indeed related to the number of dynamic lights shown in that Paris area. They will simply disappear when you look towards Charles de Gaulle airport. This is where our "No Ai traffic at LFPG" option gets another point: It solves this disappearing DL issue as it removes the Ai traffic at LFPG (ai Traffic often comes with DL for each aircraft, so that can be a hige number of DL loaded at once). 
And you also have that solution you share with changing the max number of DL in the P3D CFG file ;)

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