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Florian Smets

Palermo P3Dv4 : installation problem

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Hello everybody 

I play with P3Dv4 and I’ve got a big problem with the starting of the game... I bought the Parlermo’s scenery for P3Dv4 from SimMarket and I can’t start P3DV4. When I start the game, it can’t start and there’s a very long loading...After that, the game stop itself. I downloaded the file for P3Dv4 and to complete the download I had to copy a file from a PDF to put into P3Dv4 sceneries settings. The game downloaded the scenery and I thought that the scenery normally worked... It didn’t work so I started over the same operation... The scenery was « frozen » and I insisted... After that, P3D hasn’t run since... 

To complete the installation of the scenery, I had to do that

In P3Dv4 : « open scenery library » ; « add area » ; « Browse to Lockheed Martin /Prepar3Dv4/Prepar3Dv4 addons » 

Add folder « JetStream Designs Palermo LICJ P3Dv4 » 

Thanks for reading and I hope that everyone can help me... 


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