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Your price for an FSX version of Paris Orly LFPO

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Dear Jetstream Designs Team,

What a (shame?) disappointment that you ain't develop an FSX version of this great LFPO airport. You did it for P3D V3. What the hell is it f...ing harder to do it for FSX?

Your price is mine.




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Hi Frank,

We are not dead, thankfully.  

Two things made us reluctant about converting the native P3D scenery to FSX:

- first, the way VAS (virtual memory) is handled by FSX, which is a 32 bit program. P3D up to V3 is a 32 bit program too, but it handles VAS much better than FSX, so it is less prone to Out Of Memory crashes (OOM). For sceneries like Nantes, Palermo or Milano Linate, no issues as the airports are not that big, and the area around is not as crowded as Paris. The Paris area, even by default, is very heavy. So, if users have all their graphic sliders to the right, use a very complex aircraft addon, etc., OOM can happen on a huge airport like Orly.

- second, you don't convert such a scenery in a matter of a few hours.

This being said, we have worked on converting the scenery to FSX, and are currently testing it. If testing shows no issues, then the scenery should be released.

Best regards,


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Very-very well done Thomas,

I just purchased and installed LFPO for FSX. Awsome.

A big thank you to you.

I have to apology for my previous posts. I've somewhat over-reacted when I found out that LFPO was ported to P3D V3 (32-bit) and not to FSX. It looks like I was all wrong. My mistake, and apology.

I'm a happy owner of all your sceneries. These are absolutely great.

Thanks again,

... and keep up the pace :)

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