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Configurator does not install


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I have made several attempts to install LFPO, but every time face the same problem: the "Jetstream LFPO configurator" has an icon on the desktop, but when I double click it to launch it, I get an error message saying that the item to which the shortcut refers has been moved or changed, and the shortcut therefore doesn't work.

I have installed LFPO in the folder suggested during installation, i.e. the P3Dv4 main folder. No other changes were made during installation.

I checked the location where the shortcut was pointing to. It is the Jetstream Designs folder in the main P3Dv4 folder. However, there is no configurator. Only several folders and one item called LFPO crosswind.AD4.

How can I fix the issue?

Thanks, Charles

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I am really sorry for only replying now, but I was gone from my P3D computer for some time due to travel. 

So, yes, I do confirm that all folders seem to be installed - at least I think so. I attach a screenshot of which folders I have installed. They are in the P3D main folder, as I have not made any changes during the installation process.

But I do not have the JetStream LFPO configurator.exe. The icon is on the desktop, but without image, and when clicking it I get the error message that the link no longer works.

Thanks for any help.


2019-06-24 (2)_LI.jpg

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