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Hi, I have one small question about the AI traffic in LIML which is not correct. I see airplains engaging taxiways in the wrong direction (taxing on oncoming traffic via A to get to Rwy36 instead of B or D) and few of them coming from West apron where they shouldn't be to begin with, 'cause that one is dedicated to private jets and props. I honestly don't know if  the ground traffic direction depends on the way the airport is made or it is ruled by FSX or maybe some addon like Traffic Global which I'm using. From what I've understood so far by reading on various forums, FSX and TG (in my case) simply populate the scenery with airplanes following a default and/or custom flightplan database, but once the aircrafts are on ground, their placement and movement are determined by the airport. Is it correct? What else could I do on my side to be able to land at LIML and taxi to parking without having to slalom through the 'blind and wild' aircrafts?  Thanks in advance.    

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