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LFPO Fence


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Dear Sir or Madame,

Hello. I m seeing fence(s) appearing on the scenery (see attached photos) plus the occasional flash of scenery popping up (sorry, too fast to try and take a screenshot). They've appeared while at the gate and also while taxing occasionally. I have no other AFCAD for LFPO installed. 

I am using P3D v4.5 with FTX Global Base, OLC EU, OLC NA, and FTX Vector.

Thanks in advance.





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Hello Greg,

Are using tomato shade with your P3D V4? I experienced the same issue with fences and distorted ground polygons since P3D V4.5, when using tomato shade (this happened on several sceneries made by other developers too). On my computer, I solved this issue by restoring the default shaders, and regenerate the shaders. I'm now using the newest Tomato shade version without any issue. Maybe you could try this as well.

Best regards,


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