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Runway 24


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Hi Thomas, 

I have a little worry I hope you can help me. I recently modified the LFPO AFCAD file to close track 08/26. During landings on runway 24  the AI traffic does about-turn on the same runway to reach the previous exit point. This results in gigantic stopper at stopping point 24 and delayed takeoffs. Yet I did not make any changes on this track. I thank you in advance for your help.
*For info I use Alpha India Group-OCI
*I also noticed that the W42 breakpoint is not used by AI traffic! but I think it's not your responsibility ...

Regards, ?


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Hello Manual,

You are right, Ai traffic often behaves very strangely. I have witnessed indeed an issue at W43 where some aircraft will enter the RWY at W43 and exit at W45 and then use W47 to go all the way to RWY 06. This is due to the fact that Ai will take the shortest way to the RWY, even if this means entering the RWY and exit it just to enter it again later. Unfortunately, if I "cut" W43, planes landing on RWY 06 won't use this high speed exit and thus might take a very long time on the runway unless they land short enough to use W44.

I will try to modify a few elements to improve smoothness with AI traffic, but no promises on the result ;)

Best regards,

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