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I run the largest database of GSX configurations called Cartayna Files and wanted to do a publication in my Facebook page. Congratulations on your beautiful scenery, it looks fantastic. As of now is a page with almost 1.100 members that have large interests on this configurations and have requested me to try to make one for your scenery.

I have been trying to contact you regarding the Afcad. For the configuration I wanted to publish with the review, the position of the plane at the parking positon is quite important. I have noticed however that such position in many parkings is way off form what the floor parking lines are.. are you planning on doing un update on this?


Thanks a lot for your magnificent work,

All the best,

Javier Iturralde


Cartayna Files.


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Hi Javier,

thanks for your comment and your proposal. 

I didn't answer to your mail yet. Sorry for that. 

Actually, Brad from Alpha India Group is already working to update the afcad file.

We should let him finish, hopping the new "afcad" will also solve GSX issues. If not, you may work on you own version afterwards.



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