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No more AI Traffic at Orly LFPO (SOLVED)

Big Mike

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Hello everybody !

The scenery JetStream Paris Orly LFPO is a beautiful and realistic one !

But I dont know why, AI Traffic disapeared with Traffic Global ou MyTraffic 6 Pro,

only at Orly LFPO !!!!!!

If I active again file "TrafficAircraft.bgl" in Scenery/World/Scenery, I have P3D4 default AI Traffic

with no real airlines usually seen at Orly ! 

I did reinstall Orly Scenery with no change for AI Traffic !

What is wrong ? Please help !!!!!!!



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Hello Big Mike,

Thank you for your kind words about our Orly scenery!

About the ai traffic, this is very strange. The fact that you get traffic when using the default Ai might indicate that there is no problem with the scenery but with the Ai traffic addon. I don't own either Traffic Global or MyTraffic 6 Pro, i'm using Alpha India freeware AIG Manager and get loads of traffic at Orly.
Do you have any other scenery addon which might include any LFPO AFCAD file? Does your Ai Traffic addon add AFCAD files to the sim? We'll check this first before doing any further investigation :)

Best regards;


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Thanks for your answer !

I solved my problem !!!!!!!

I did uninstall MyTraffic6Pro and I did reinstall it properly with no antivirus, creating add-on.xml, etc.

And it Works !!!!!!

I will have to keep only 40 or 50% traffic as it is now ... too much !!!!  :D :D :D 










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