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LFPG Grass


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I recently installed in p3dv4 the Taxi2Gate LFPG from Simmarket. I did my install, everything we as expected. I always fire up the sim and do a quick scenery generation, then reboot my computer and then fire up to do a real flight. However as I was taxiing out, I noticed the grass looked... weird, to say the least. So I uninstalled it thinking maybe it just didn't like something in the textures, and upon reinstall, same result. They are raised only where grass seems to have been the target texture, but it creates a barrier essentially that outlines the taxiways, and just looks a bit wonky. 

Any one have any ideas? 

Thanks - Mark



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Hi Clement

So I followed the link, downloaded the LFPG-grass.dds, dragged the file into Prepar3D v4\SimMarket\TAXI2GATE-LFPG P3Dv4\data\LFPG\Texture\texture.WI\ as described on the site, it asked me if i wanted to replace or skip so I did replace since the website doesn't indicate which to select.

After I re-launch P3DV4 and just do a quick spawn at LFPG, I see the same result. Did I do something wrong in that process?




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Hi there,

Did you ever resolve this issue?

I just installed and realised I had this problem as well. The only way I could get around it was to turn off 3D grass. Actually looks OK to be honest so it will suit my needs for now. Just looked too weird for me as I had exactly the same as yourself. 


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