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Hi all,

JennaSoft announce his next project for P3Dv4/v5 and FSX,  coming next month. It will be compatible for ORBX landclass Africa.

Don't worry, we still work by the same time on Gatwick's fixes, update to v1.2 and P3Dv5. 






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2 hours ago, yvesamuel said:

And the "old" LFLL?

It would be so nice to fly there in P3D V5




as you may know, we were planning more than an update, a newly build Lyon for FSX and P3D. Actually, we already had began to work on the ground.

But FSDG recently announced his version of Lyon that doesn't seem to be lite. Regarding today's comments on two Nairobi airports(although our Nairobi has been on development since more than one year),

we're not sure it worths it to put another Lyon on the market. I'm sad of it but it is may be time to focus on Gatwick and some smaller airports.

For now, let say we are going to see how FSDG Lyon project evolves, and if there is really a demand from our customers for an alternative. 

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I assume you mean P3Dv5. I don't know. currenytly working on ADE file for P3Dv5 and it should be finished tomorrow but there still work on excessive windows reflexion, SODE and grass elevation issue that may take weeks. 

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