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How To Remove or Enable Red Text

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Thought I would post this on how to remove or enable the (annoying) red text SLEW, STALL, etc. from the screen corners in FSX
Follow the steps below:
1) Exit Flight Simulator X. Make sure that Flight Simulator X is not running!!!
2) Browse to the folder containing FSX.CFG. To do so, open Internet Explorer and write in the address bar the following address: %appdata%\microsoft\fsx
3) Double click FSX.CFG file (if your operative system is configured to hide the file's extension, you will read just FSX without ".CFG" appended)
4) FSX.CFG is now open into Windows Notepad or similar text editor. Make sure that in the [Display] section, the followings lines exist:
You can selectively enable (=True) or disable (=False) only the desired texts. However, for WidevieW computers, I recommend the settings listed above.
5) In the [Main] section, make sure that the following line exists, regardless if you want to remove or enable the red texts:
If this parameter is set to 1, ALL the information text will be removed, which is really not advisable, as you will no longer see the zoom value while you are altering it, or the selected camera's name.
6) Save FSX.CFG and restart Flight Simulator.
Enjoy :)

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You might want to try FlusiFix, makes editing of your .cfg quite easy, lots of fixes are incorporated already and only need to be activated. Can also be used to disable airplanes from the menu selection, increase ai traffic speed, etc etc.

http://www.wolfgang-picheta.de/ the program is in German but can be switched to english in the options menu.

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i use Xtreme FSX PC from FSPS....


its a wonderfull program.


see all the things (screenshots) u can do with this addon. the money is fully worth it.

but the question was how to turn off the red text.

with this program you only have to click a couple of times on your mouse and its gone.



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