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Hello, I'm not a dev but I work at the real airport.

There is quite a huge WIP ongoing at the moment; last summer they repaved the 18/36 rwy and installed new LED lights (aprons + taxiway/rwy lts), there is a new white facade landside.. A portion of the old terminal has been demolished, and a new one is being built. A temporary terminal has been placed in front of jetways 4 and 5 (jetways 4 and 5 have been removed actually). Originally, the plans (pre-covid) were to end this first renew phase in 2021.

But along came the lockdown, at the moment Linate airport is still closed with all flights being routed to Malpensa, no ETA for a reopening (some talk about March 2021)...while construction works started again in April/May.

After the 1st phase, the whole project masterplan spans into 2030 with a lot of changes, like moving the iconic Emporio Armani hangar elsewhere to make room for the new terminal and apron. If you want to have a general view at Linate 2030 masterplan head here:

All this to say, in the next months you will be probably see many other layout changes, but I'm not sure the developers can make every single one...
Personally I'd be happy to see the repaved rwy, the new LED lightning effects, the new white landside and the temporary new terminal (with the F block demolished :P)

But just having it on P3D v5 would be awesome!

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Hello Stefano,

Thank you for this very useful information about the current works at Linate. We are currently bringing LIML to P3Dv5 (new installer to be uploaded today). We can consider doing an update in 2021 if works are in an advanced stage. Doing "small steps" updates is always very time consuming and a bit tricky as works continue and the update will be valid for a few weeks at most, compared to the works at the real airport.

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