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Switching from FS2004 to FSX - Hardware

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Hi Guys,


I am in the middle of updating my computer to handle FSX... However with multiple graphics card changes I haven't been able to achieve a satisfactory standard of detail and FPS.


I have currently:


ATI HD6670

AMD Phenom 9600QUAD CORE



I have just bought an nVidia 460GTX but unsure on whether to change the graphics card yet or not.


Can anyone give me some recommendations as to what might help my system... I am getting 20-25FPS with medium settings, however that is without any add-ons.


FS2004 runs like a dream and I love it however I want to make the jump. :)


Many Thanks


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A good PC to run FSX is:

i7 Sandy Bridge OC@4.5-4.8Ghz (I have i7-2600K OC@ 4.8Ghz using Noctua NH-D14, temps around 45-55°C it also depends if I have my window open or not)

Nvidia GTX 400-700 series (I use GTX 580)

8GB RAM (I use 8GB and works very well)

A good Power Supply Unit

Intel and Nvidia is a good combination if you are going to build a new PC.


With my system I get 20-30FPs on Heathrow UK2000 I think that is good.


Hope this helps.

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With FSX it's really the cpu that matters, much more so than the graphics card. I was very careful selecting components for my last build that would run FSX well without spending more than was needed to do so. The i7 won't give any noticeable benefit over an i5. I run an i5 3570K (Ivy Bridge) Gen 4, as as has been said above, an Intel/nVidia combination is probably superior to AMD/ATI combos. If you go that way, get a "K" processor which can be overclocked. Mine comes stock at 3.4Ghz and I have it clocked to a moderate 4Ghz though in theory it'll go up to 4.8.

However I only run an nVidia GTS250 1Gig card at the moment until funds allow better but the combination gives me a steady limited 40fps most of the time, dipping to 30 in heavy airports.

Make sure you get at least a 128Gig SSD just for FSX which will minimize texture loading times and makes a huge difference. 8 Gigs of the fastest RAM you can get will also help, more is of no noticeable benefit. A good big cpu air cooler keeps my temps below 50 degrees C, I don't really think liquid cooling is worth it unless you plan to overclock as far as it'll go which is not a wise move imo. A case with plenty of fans helps keep temps down, I got an Antec 1200 with 6 fans, well worth the price.

Anyway, I spent about 600 euro total on mobo, cpu, cooler, ram, case and ssd from hardwareversand in germany and I'm well happy with the performance. That's my two cents.

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