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Hello, first of all I would like to say the scenery is fantastic. I just have kind of an annoying problem: Every time I am rolling on runway 36 I get two long stutters. This happens close to the end of the runway. It does not happen when taking off from runway 18 or in other parts of the aerodrome, so I guess its related to that particular area. I have read another similar post about it here on the forum. Is there any kind of solution? Thanks.

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I just tried on a "vanilla" P3D + the Linate scenery, and did not get the stutters. Do you have any other addons around this area? As it happens only when rolling on runway 36, it might be related to Milan city. When looking north, you have the Milan area in front of you. If there are some custom objects, the sim might load them all at once, which might be the cause for the stutters. It's just a guess of course, as unfortunately it is always very difficult to know why there are stutters on a particular situation.

Could you try to de-activate the Linate scenery, and take-off from RWY36 again, to check if stutters are still there?

Best regards,


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Thanks for your answer, I am kind of late with my reply ?...I would like to try to exclude Milano city myself, that could be an idea. Do you know which part of the scenery cfg to look at? Or maybe what else to look for? Thank you, that could help a lot.



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