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Paris Orly + FranceVFR in P3Dv5.1


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I have Paris-Ile-de-France from FranceVFR installed, as well as NextMesh (including the additional slope correction package) from FranceVFR also, in P3Dv5.

I installed LFPO (latest version, P3Dv5) on top of that, and desactivated all *lfpo*.bgl files of Paris Île-de-France.

To get rid of some elevation issues that were present (the typical plateaux, cliffs, etc...) I copied the *lfpo*.bgl files I found in NextMesh (3 of them if I remember well) in the Paris Orly terrain/Scenery directory.

It works almost perfectly, except for a few floating buildings (houses just outside the airport) on the east side...

Any idea on how to solve this last issues?

The Scenery Library order looks like that :


Paris Orly terrain

Paris Orly




Truelandscape (Landclass covering all France from FranceVFR)


NextMesh (mesh covering all France from FranceVFR)


Thanks for any help

I could post some pics if it helps




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Hello Thomas,

thanks for the answer ?

The area of concern is close to Runway 25, see the aerial pic for a global view.

It seems also that there is some buildings collision in some parts of this area (as seen on one of the pic).

Is it Jetstream Design autogen? Is there anything that can be done about it?

Thanks, and cheers












Screenshot 2020-12-07 213536.jpg

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