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Frankfurt EDDF all the way. The current scenery looks like from 2002, and the market in germany is huge. I am sure it would be one of the best selling sceneries ever.   I hope we will see EDDF in T2

What about Cape Town (FACT)? I think it deserves a proper rendition as it has great scenics around and there is a number of big airlines flying there. Plus it's not a huge airport which requires a big

Really dissapointed to see Frankfurt as an option!!!  - Focus on airports which have no sceneries or outdated sceneries!!

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Thank you so much for KSEA Seattle! KPDX Portland International Airport is just a short hop away!




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I agree with so many on here, however here are my requests, and I hope T2G can at least consider these, or add them to a list:


YPPH - Perth, Australia

NZAA - Auckland, New Zealand

FIMP - Mauritius 

VVTS - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

WSSS - Singapore




If you want a good Mauritius scenery in the mean time, use Max Kraus' version for it. With Aes, it's free of credits and it makes the airport really nice.

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I think that similar to Cuba, which has several airports around the island, the same should be done with Puerto Rico. There are two other airports besides San Juan TJSJ that receives international flights are, Mercedita Airport (TJPS) in the town of Ponce in the south, and Rafael Hernandez Airport (TJBQ) in the town of Aguadilla in the west.

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-The new Cap Haitien Airport?..MTCP,,.Beautiful green area of Haiti.. 

-Ian Fleming International Airport? MKBS . This one would be done very fast i believe..Its small and at the moment only Private Jets use it but another nice green area of Jamaica..If you guys did St Vincent you guys can do this one with no prob..

-Maurice Bishop. TGPY .is in much need of an alternative to Richer SImulations Grenada X., who simply uses too much memory for some.(1,5 GBs for anything related to such a small airport and town is excessive imo)

-Guadeloupe Aerodromes(Les Saintes, Baillif, Marie Galante, La Desirade , Saint Francois). These would be a great additional package to Taxi2Gate TFFR..

-Holguín MHHG. is an airport which hasnt been done yet i believe..

-A new version of Nassau MYNN. with Paradise Island and downtown Nassau covered maybe.. Also Freeport MYGF, Marsh Harbour MYAM , Exuma MYEF would be easy work i believe.

-But i think the money would be in a new version of Barbados TBPB 

-And watch out for when the new Argyle Airport in st vincent opens up.That one will be a fresh catch.

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Let's start from USA..... Kphl (philly), katl (Atlanta) & from Canada cyyc (Calgary).

South Africa needs some payware airports like Johannesburg and cape town.

India vidp and Mumbai.

Egypt and Cairo.

China for sure zbaa but I heard someone is working on it.

Sweden and Arlanda but also I heard is working on it.

**And for last my second home town airport is located in Greece LGRR Rhodes, there's no any payware around except for GAP (its OK payware). During the summer its one of the busiest airports in Greece with traffic increasing  every year!**

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I'd love to see Nice (LFMN). It's the 3rd busiest airport in France. It has a lot of international flights. The approach is very scenic. The french ATC loves to assign a VOR/visual approach when weather permits it. At least once or twice per week ATC is available on vatsim.

Aerosoft had a nice scenery but it's now more than 5 years old and had never been updated to P3D. For sure that airport would be a great success. 




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