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Request an airport

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Frankfurt EDDF all the way. The current scenery looks like from 2002, and the market in germany is huge. I am sure it would be one of the best selling sceneries ever.   I hope we will see EDDF in T2

What about Cape Town (FACT)? I think it deserves a proper rendition as it has great scenics around and there is a number of big airlines flying there. Plus it's not a huge airport which requires a big

Really dissapointed to see Frankfurt as an option!!!  - Focus on airports which have no sceneries or outdated sceneries!!

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It seems like the guys that took this one on  8 years ago can't figure out how to get it done or given up on it without sharing that fact. We understand that things happen, but to have this going on since 2011 is beyond fortunate for the Flightsim world. I'd like to see another company committed to quality sceneries get it done, and T2G fits the bill in that regard. I'll be the first in line to buy if you do!

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Hey all

If I were to put in my 2 cents I would say Detroit International KDTW, Cincinnati International KCGI or maybe Cleveland International KCLE. Cleveland seems like it would be a somewhat easy for an international airport. I would love to somebody do a good version of Kansas City International KMCI. Anyway, just my suggestions.


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Hey Devs, Hope all's good there..

Idk if this topic is still active but, on behalf of a lot of people I know in the flight sim community, I'd really like to request you to build Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai (VABB). This airport is India's second busiest airport and is devoid of a top notch scenery from any developers. 

We had one from thai creation, but that was for fsx and incomplete construction. 

Request you to take a look, it'll surely persuade you devs to make! 

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