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YPPH (Perth International Airport) - No one seems to be willing to do this one,w e have requested to many places and I know that the Perth flight simmers are desperate for a payware airport to be finally made


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SYCJ - Cheddi Jagan International Airport

TBPB - Grantley Adams International Airport

TDPD - Meville Hall Airport

TAPA - V.C Bird International Airport

TLPL - Heaworrona International Airport

TTPP - Piarco International Airport

TFFF - *Le Lamentin* Aime Cesaire International Airport

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I request  TAPA V.C Bird International Airport

                TAPH   Codrinton Airport in Barbuda

                TKPK  Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport

                TKPN  Nevis

Thank you very much!

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Asia needs some more Taxi2Gate treatment. We're missing quite a few gems.


ZBAA - Beijing Capital International Airport


Currently the busiest airport in the world, and has one of the most beautiful terminal buildings I have ever seen. Yet somehow no one else has thought to model this.


WSSS - Singapore Changi Airport


The current offering by Imagine Sim is dated, runs terribly and doesn't look all that great by today's standards. I reckon this should get a makeover.


VIDP - Indira Gandhi International Airport


Same as above.


RJBB - Kansai International Airport


No current offering for FSX, one of the best looking airports out there.


RJTT - Haneda International Airport


While we're in Japan, we need a new Haneda Airport, I don't recall there currently being one for FSX.


VOBL - Bengaluru International Airport


Located in an often neglected part of the world, this would probably be a fairly easy project to undertake, as there aren't many surrounding buildings. The terminal has a nice architecture to it, and maybe this could be done as a sort of parallel project to another big add-on.



I hope you take these in to consideration.  :)


Best regards.

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How about    RKSI   -Seoul Incheon

                    ZBAA   -Beijing Capital

                    RJBB   -Kansai

                    LFPG  -Paris-de-Gaulle

                    WADD -Bali Ngurah Rai

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It would be a great idea if you guys make an airport for OLBA Located in Beirut Lebanon!
they get allot of inbound traffic from all over the world on vatsim and ivao so it would be great if you guys think about this..
Thanks allot

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i think Beijing capital airport is one of the most important because its the 2nd busiest airport in the world and it has one of the most unique terminal buildings


technobrain (Japanese developer) has already produced an updated haneda. but i hear its heavy on the fps 


manila has been done by pacific islands simulation: http://secure.simmarket.com/pis-manila-ninoy-aquino-intl-rpll-fsx-p3dv2.phtml


paris and frankfurt need an update (Frankfurt being worked on by flightbeam)


there is also guangzhou, home of china southern and there a380.


there is also an airport that also has a military base on the south along with 2 777 paint hangars (KPDX) 

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Innsbruck LOWI


I know it already exists from Aerosoft, but the scenery is old and has ugly blurred textures.

The scenery has also many things,  which not correlate with reality.


There are also some changes on the Airport, like a new terrace and new apron lights etc.


Innsbruck is also one of these approaches where you only get the real feeling when the whole city stands.

here some pictures:




And here a picture from an overflight, here you can see that the city is not that small and there are many buildings surrounding the airport.

There are also many buildings in the circling area.



Would be really a blast if T2G can make a real Innsbruck :)

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Hi Guys,


We have seen a lot of US, South American, Asian, Oceanian, Caribbean and European sceneries all over the years in FScommunity. In my opinion, Canadian airports are less represented in this matter. We now have so far CYVR from FsDreamteam, CYUL from FlyTampa, and probably CYTZ and CYYZ soon. Also, Jonathan Gabbert has released a great few canadian hubs under fs9 platform. This has been said, I would love cheering western Canadian Airports like Calgary CYYC and Edmonton CYEG (where I live), or later Winnipeg CYWG, and Saskatoon CYXE. These hubs bridge several flights within Canada, to US and Caribbean destinations. Edmonton and Calgary have recently extended their infrastructure. Maybe it is a time to T2G to shift to our continent and build up a great stuffs. In the meantime, Due to economical opportunities based on oil-sand industry, Fort McMurray through its International Airport CYMM is an important hub that links Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and even Cancun operated by Air Canada, WestJet and SunWing Airlines.


Thanks for reading me  :)



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Hello :)


I want to request:


SOCA: Félix Eboué (there is a scenery, FSGuyane, but not very good :/ )

TDPD: Melville Hall

NWWW: Nouméa La Tontouta

NLWW & NLWF: Wallis and Futuna (I really need Wallis and Futuna, I lived 4 year there, I can be usefull if you choose it :) )


Please, take the time to read it, Thanks a lot


777Flyer :)

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I'd like to see some more US airports as KMCO is amazing.

My suggestions:

KCVG - imaginesim is terrible, and a scenery like KSTL for KCVG would be amazing. Similar size to KSTL. KCVG is also still a Delta hub with many different routes and aircraft that fly there.

KSLC - you could really have control of this market as it's a huge Delta hub with many other airlines and there's no payware scenery at all for it.

KSEA/KPDX - same reason as KSLC. And FPS issues, most people have better computers that can run that area now.

KBWI - KDCA and KIAD both have good scenry but no one had even tried KBWI

KPIT/KBNA/KCMH/KSDF/KIND/KCVG - the Midwest needs better FSX scenery and it's great to see that you've made KSTL and included KCVG and KBNA in your last poll.

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Here is my wish list. Most of the below airports are small for the exceptions of MPTO and TJBQ.


Henry E. Rohlsen Airport – TISX -

Rafael Hernández Airport – TJBQ - 24th busiest airports in the Caribbean former B-52 bomber base

Tocumen International Airport - MPTO

Cyril E. King Airport – TIST

Mercedita Airport – TJPS

Melville Hall Airport – TDPD

Eugenio María de Hostos Airport - TJMZ

Maurice Bishop International Airport - TGPY

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