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Aegean Seduction (FSX)


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Best in 1080pHD

I bought Aerosoft`s Kastellorizo X last week and thought it was well worthy of a video. Here are the results. Its a pretty high paced video and I`m really pleased with the result.

Thanks for watching  Doogie :)

Add-ons  Aerosoft- Kastellorizo X and Huey X
                            REX - Essentials Overdrive using random generated weather
                            Alabeo-Waco YMF5 and Extra 300S
                            Freeware  Cruise Ship from FSDownload.net
                            FSRecorder-Fraps-FS Water Configurator-TrackIr5-Sony Vegas
                            Lots of coffee!





sorry not sure how to paste a proper youtube link on here, maybe someone can tell me :)

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 Best way now is to use Fs Recorder's Render Feature and Audacity for the sounds. No performance lost whats so ever. It works great i use it to record all my flights and have no FPS performance lost.


Heres where to get the FSrecorder with the Rendering Feature, Just scroll down and you will see the small links for the downloads one for FSX and one for FS9 -->http://www.fs-recorder.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=564

And heres how to properly use it to create movies and so forth -->http://www.fsworld.co.za/community/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=1096

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Just wanted to add a little something...When i say there is no performance lost i mean there is (0) nada no performance lost whatsoever.


For example if your PC can only play FSX at LOW FPS Say 15-20 FPS on a heavy airport or detailed scenery Once you play it back with FS-Recorder then go to the Rendering option select the Screen size for example im at 1920-1080p and hit render Video playback the rendering utility will render the playback at low FPS frame by Frame so when its done rendering your 15-20 FPS gameplay will run at 30 to 40 FPS ( In other words the results after rendering is Smooth as butter.

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Guys thanks for the feed back, I`ve been making videos for a long time, I know all the tricks of the trade for making smooth video. I`m not doing it professionally for a company so its more down to time vs effort that I don't use FSRecorder to render out the files for editing.

There are a few other ways to get very smooth recordings with FRAPS like slowing the sim down to 10fps locked and recording at 10fps with FRAPS before speeding the footage back up in Vegas.

I`m actually getting my hands on a video capture device in the next week or two and I will be interested to see how that works. Will post a little review and some results when I`m done with it ;)

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