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MSFS 2020 Possibility to remove statics aircrafts


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Just bought the Orly LFPO scenery for MSFS 2020 simulator, (I also bought few time ago Orly for P3D).

Is there a way to remove Orly statics aircrafts from ground ?, or does that will be with a patch.

I do my own AI live traffic with FSX converted models and livery.

Thank's a lot for your answer.


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Hello Yves,

Sorry, I did not see your message as it was posted outside our support forum (which is here: https://forum.iflysimx.com/forum/89-jetstream-designs/ )

In the future we plan to set static aircraft as an option in Contrail (future Contrail versions should allow such feature). At the moment it is not possible due to the way sceneries are handled by MSFS. ?

Best regards,


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