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Milano Linate some issues

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Just completed my flight from Nantes to Linate. I was landing in the dusk and noticed the following:

  • The terminal was dark on approach, when almost on the ground the terminal was lit, which gives a strange effect
  • After landing I switched ATC to ground, but I could not ask for a gate. Taxi ribbon guided me to gate 1
  • When at the gate asking for baggage and catering, ATC said they are not avaible, after that a truck and carts spawn so a second time it could unload the baggage and do the catering

Have attached a screenshot to show you I could not ask for a gate.


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The changelog for the update is as follow:

- Some users were receiving a higher than normal Glide slope signal on the ILS 36. This is solved now.
- you can now ask for a gate or parking after landing

@ Raller, I'll check this ;)

By the way, you may have noticed wrongly placed blue edge taxilights on this scenery (or any other third party scenery). This is a sim-related bug which has nothing to do with our sceneries. This happened since the last sim update. Asobo will be releasing a fix soon.

Best regards,


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