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I also found some issues when approaching into Nantes:

  • I was 15 miles out when the scenery loaded in. I noticed it because I got stutters... Haven't seen this before (also not at Orly for example)
  • After landing, I could only choose taxi to parking, no gate... Also ATC instructed me to go to General Aviation parking instead of mentioning stand 1L as you can see below...



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This is a sim-bug (not a scenery bug) happening since last sim-update on most add-on (and many default) airports. More about this here: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/many-addon-and-default-airports-have-taxiway-lights-posts-on-runways-and-other-airport-locations-after-uk-update/366409

The Asobo team is working on fixing this, and a fix will hopefully be available soon.

Best regards,


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