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Ezdok usage

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Anyone out there use Ezdok?  Anyone have any good "dumbed down" instructions on how to set up camera views and how to transition between them while in sim?  I installed it a while ago, got frustrated (just look at my avatar) and then uninstalled it.  I still have it but I won't reinstall until I can get some decent instruction.


Thoughts anyone?

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I can't fly without it. To be honest I'm fairly lost without it, lol. It is VERY easy to set up, I can set up 6 cameras and my effects in new airplane in 3 minutes.


There are lot of ezdok tutorials:
















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Do you have any camera settings already set up for the A319? :)



I have a camera set for PA A320, with ground camera shake & landing effect. I tweaked like 20 times so far. This last one is the best (so far, lol). :D




Copy it to users\username\Documents\ezdok profiles


Just Import the camera set to A319 and enjoy.

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Well, I reinstalled ezdok, and after a little time and patience, I was able to figure out how to configure the cameras.  It wasn't difficult, just time consuming, especially if you're a perfectionist.  The issue I had after all of that was that it arbitrarily shut itself off.  It may have been my doing as I was not used to the remapping of keys but overall it worked pretty nice.  I lived with the random shutdowns until frustration got the best of me and I uninstalled, probably for good.  One of the major reasons is that I don't use a yolk or stick so I am very heavy on the keyboard and mouse.  I'll stick with the default camera views, but now I have to remap all of that back since ezdok never restored them, even after specifying such.


Thanks for all the help and tips guys. 

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