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LFPO: Default runway markings visible

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Salut Thomas!

I am facing a small issue at Orly in P3Dv5. As the title say, I do see default runway markings at certain angles. It is easy to reproduce with the slew function, while just panning around a bit. Being pretty familiar at working with AFCADs, I could easily remove the markings myself. However, displaced threshold arrows can not be removed. Hence, there would always be some duplicate arrows:

I think there might be a transparency/layering issue with the runway texture. Any chance you could have a look at this?

BTW I do really really look forward to your new Toulouse scenery. This will be an instant buy for me. 😃



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Hello Christoph

I'll be checking if i can reproduce this issue on my P3Dv5 today. Thanks for letting me know.
I have seen such issue at other sceneries too, and it happens usually always in the same "angle range" point of view (not sure i'm very clear ;) ). I'll let you know about my findings!

Best regards,

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Thanks for looking into this, Thomas!

And your explanation makes totally sense. I have seen similar problems at other airports like MK's EIDW or MLD's LRIA. And as you said: it happens only at a specific angle range. Maybe a sim issue?

Take care,

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To all users experiencing the issue with disappearing ground polygons, do you all use the newly released LFPG scenery by Taxi2Gate? If affirmative, can you try to temporarily disable LFPG and test again Orly to check if issue is still there?
We got a report from one user that the issue disappeared when disabling the LFPG scenery. So please let us know ;)

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Hi there,

You're right. De-activating the new LFPG scenery from T2G does solve the problem (that said the white lines around the stands are gone but my understanding is that these aren't actually there in reality?).
It looked as well like this was happening when looking towards De Gaulle.
Hope you can find a way (perhaps an exclude?) that could make it work with both activated at the same time! It seems that T2G isn't responding to anything... (btw I saw you managed to fix the bridge issue with your scenery, perhaps an idea of what to do in LFPG? ^^)

Thanks for your quick reply,


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Hello Thomas,

Sorry for not getting back earlier. University kept me a bit more busy than expected. 

Yes, it seems indeed to be an incompatibility with LFPG. For the time being, I will simply deactivate the Paris airport I do not fly to.

Thanks for your help and best,


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