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Beta Testing of the Aerosoft CRJ 700/900

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yeah that bugs me.  All of this time that the A380 has been out, and NO ONE has released a good quality payware of her.  The other companies that did it really sucked and for someone luck Aerosoft would be a great company to do it.  PMDG probably could do a good one, but they're strictly Boeing.


I'd beg, borrow, steal, kill, mame for a payware A380 that DIDN'T suck.

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I can't wait for the CRJ to be released.

About Aerosoft and Airbus A380. I too would like to see that happen but what about A330/340 other companies don't have a good A330/340. Aerosoft is very good at making Airbus for FS and hope they will make the A330/340 also A380.

I have the AS A320 series and I am very happy about the product and I am waiting for A318/319 to be released. A320 series(and Twotter) just shows how AS is good

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